I’m not as strong as I used to be

I’m worn out

I’m exhausted

My body is tired, my soul is tired

My head hurts and my heart too


I’ve had too many late nights

Engulfed in self-deprecating thoughts


Sadness this deep, you feel empty

But I am too young to be this sad and I don’t want to feel empty

I want to feel so full I am bursting

I don’t want to just glow

I want to shine

I don’t want to just get through this

I want to conquer this



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  1. sxnoor

    Hello Judit!! I really love this poem a lot, it has a lot of meaning. I am glad for this poem and it’s meaning, because it is relate-able to a lot of people. I’m happy that you feel this way – conquering instead of settling. Much love!!

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