Comments make anyone feel good; it’s encouraging and it lets you know that your writing is being heard. That your thoughts, your feelings, and your inquisitions aren’t going to waste. That they may be benefiting someone other than yourself. There is such thing as a negative comment, comments that are rude and discouraging; unwanted comments. If you like being encouraged by others, then do the same and encourage others in their writing. Here is a set of guidelines to help you do so.

  1. Be honest, don’t exaggerate. If you enjoy their style of writing then let them know but don’t be so dramatic that it appears you’re lying or just being nice.
  2. Give compliments as well as feedback. Say what you like but also try and help the writer out by giving a few suggestions.
  3. Show your understanding and maybe offer a new perspective or way of thinking.
  4. Be positive, don’t bash or be impolite.


  1. Beth Crawford

    I like how you included some guidelines as well as some suggestions for how to comment. I teach 11th graders in Springfield, OH, and my students have been blogging this school year. I am your mentor for this blogging challenge, and I look forward to reading what you’ll write next!

  2. Y.M.

    Woah, these are some very creative and unique ideas for commenting! I like the easy to understand 4 rules! Sometimes people get very confused commenting and give up entirely on blogging! I’m glad that you made this post for those who need help! You can also visit my post:

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  3. mohamedihussein

    I like how you gave 4 basic rules to follow when commenting, it makes it easy for people who don’t know how to write a comment. This rules can help many people who don’t know how. Check out my blog

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