dear incoming fresh meat, I am no longer fresh meat

Wed, May 31, 2017


This year did not turn out as I wanted it to turn out, in fact for every direction I wanted things headed, they went toward the opposite direction. Go right! Nope? I guess left will do. By the way, I’m not actually talking about lefts and rights; what I mean to say-in more literal context- is that you will experience things of the unimaginable. You will be shocked and overwhelmed at how much is happening all around you and it will be stressful. Things might be going on at home, with friends, at school, and most definitely with yourself. Who knows, maybe this isn’t new to you, but I swear no matter what you will be on a roller coaster headed straight up and things will get tougher (fun fact; I’ve never been on an actual roller coaster, I’m 15.) A lot of things will be out of your control and I want you to know that it’s fine, if you cannot control it just accept it. Don’t dwell. Just control and do what you can and for gods and your sake pick yourself up. Maybe right now as I’m talking to you I’m really just talking to me and maybe that’s why I’m so angry like I wish I would’ve been wiser at the time but I am now and I feel no matter what advice I give to you, you won’t actually learn it or understand it until you go through these things yourself. Let me also express my sense of loss right now, I’m suppose to give you advice but there is just so much that I want to say, actually no I want to throw it all at you, violently throw at you, but the problem is I don’t even know where to start and wow I am rambling. Let’s start with friends. Pick them wisely, understand them and have them understand you. Don’t fight over silly things and don’t be petty, talk to each other and work things out because wasting friendships for things that don’t really matter is stupid. Know that is okay to move on, that friends may fade away and groups might break apart but especially know when it is worth fighting for. If you are unhappy with the friends you have and if they constantly put you down than don’t tolerate it. Walk away. Be kind to your friends and be considerate of their feelings and of all the people around you and be there for them because you know what it’s like to not have someone there for you. It’s okay to not always have someone by your side, being alone is different than feeling lonely and if you feel lonely search within yourself for what voids need filling and make sure you fill them yourself until they are bursting of fullness. You’re growing, you’re changing, and you should watch yourself blossom and you should appreciate the beauty of it. You will experience loss and sorrow but you will also experience joy and happiness and you should absolutely treasure those moments. Moving on, school wise, get your shit done. Honestly. Don’t be lazy and don’t allow yourself to give any less than your best. Yes, I just read that off a poster, but it’s true. You will regret not giving school your all, so don’t play yourself like that. Reach your full potential for the small things like completing that essay so you can reach your potential in life. I’m not even exaggerating. Be organized and find self-discipline to do your work even on your worst days. I’m running out of time, so I suppose I’ll sum things up. This year, I want you to kick some booty hole and to have the best of times. 

Thank you,

Judit Ramos


They ask me “what happened?”

I ask myself the same


They ask me why my clothes change, why my smile change

I know it was rage


They ask me “whats got you disheartened?”

I’m ready to throw flames


They ask me “what’s up with the change?”

I’m outraged


They asked me why I stopped writing about you

Huh, well

I told them to mind their own goddamned business

This ain’t up for discussion

I sure hope you was bluffing

When you said

Commenting Game

I stumbled upon Kerrins blog, mindlessly scrolling, and “Weather In Austria” caught my eye simply because I’m a bit of a nature lover. What I love more than being in nature iis reading about it. I love imagining myself in this place that the writer so vividly creates with beautifully written words.

The picture is what made me stop and read the poem. The angle, how I can peep my school in the background, and also the fact that Ralphy took the picture. I chose to comment on this post because of it being so “sweet and short.” I enjoyed the comparison and thought the poem was very profound.

I chose to comment on Caseys post because I realized my parents are friends with a lot of Puerto Ricans, so I’m around them a lot & I can learn stuff about them through that time spent together, however I feel there is more to know. I really enjoyed reading her blog.

Work Ethics. I hesitated fearing what I might read and what guilt may follow, but I figured it might help me. I struggle with work ethics, it feels like I’ve been in a draining cycle of productivity, exhaustion, and indolence for the past 3 years. I think this post made some good points and helped me do some reflecting.

Mary, Marley. As soon as I read the title, I began theorizing what the post could be about. I had the urge to read it, and so I did. I was very happy with what I read and absolutely loved the short story. It made me go through a wave emotions under a minute of reading. Really loved it.

Stand Tall

Still and unmoving

The wall stood tall

Like a soldier, it remained calm

It’s posture never faltering

It’s rough edges and smooth surface,

my hand goes up to touch.

Suddenly I am a wall

I am grounded

I am tall

I feel calm



I’m not as strong as I used to be

I’m worn out

I’m exhausted

My body is tired, my soul is tired

My head hurts and my heart too


I’ve had too many late nights

Engulfed in self-deprecating thoughts


Sadness this deep, you feel empty

But I am too young to be this sad and I don’t want to feel empty

I want to feel so full I am bursting

I don’t want to just glow

I want to shine

I don’t want to just get through this

I want to conquer this



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A home is something that is missed when you are not there; and when you are there, you feel comforted, calm, and safe. My family is my home. No matter where I go, I always come back home, to them. I believe everyone has a different idea of a home; for some people, home may be wherever they lay their head. For others it may be a specific place like a specific tree in a specific park, I don’t know. Some people have more than one home. But my family is my main home. I value my family more than anything; they are my priority over everything. Sometimes my priorities will become jumbled and I will fail to show how much I value them. Sometimes I don’t treat my home with the kindness and respect it deserves. Then again on those days it’s when I don’t feel comforted, calm, and safe. Still, it doesn’t make it okay.

I always come back to my home, and it always accepts me with open arms, and often I unintentionally take advantage of that. I know I will be forgiven so I lash out with that knowing that it doesn’t matter, they’ll live. I wouldn’t say these hurtful things to anyone else because for some reason, it’s different. It’s all a bit confusing in my head. All I know is that it’s quite natural, it just sort of happens. Like that advantageous feeling just is. I wanna treat my home better, I’m gonna treat my home better.

The Lorax


The Lorax

An innocent place

filled with innocent people

ruined by greed and selfishness

with merely one soul unwilling to give up.


The Lorax is a story which we are all familiar with and quite fond of. For this weeks challenge, I chose activity 2 and made this short poem about it. Why The Lorax? Well, this book and movie both have a special place in my heart and I just thought “why not?” Make sure to leave a comment if you’d like!


          Comments make anyone feel good; it’s encouraging and it lets you know that your writing is being heard. That your thoughts, your feelings, and your inquisitions aren’t going to waste. That they may be benefiting someone other than yourself. There is such thing as a negative comment, comments that are rude and discouraging; unwanted comments. If you like being encouraged by others, then do the same and encourage others in their writing. Here is a set of guidelines to help you do so.

  1. Be honest, don’t exaggerate. If you enjoy their style of writing then let them know but don’t be so dramatic that it appears you’re lying or just being nice.
  2. Give compliments as well as feedback. Say what you like but also try and help the writer out by giving a few suggestions.
  3. Show your understanding and maybe offer a new perspective or way of thinking.
  4. Be positive, don’t bash or be impolite.

Black Mountain College

Anni Albers, Left to Right, 1947


I am a left to right piece of artwork.

Small and petite.

Stringy, colorful work of art.

Blending in with all the other paintings and sculptures.

Those passing by only giving me a glance, a raised eyebrow.

Not a second thought.

Occasionally someone will stop by,

considering me,

contemplating me.

My hope skyrocketing, for someone may finally understand me.

For someone may finally see my beauty.

They stop, they stare, they think.

Oh god stop thinking. Stop overthinking, I am so simple, it is so obvious.

Why can’t you understand me? Why must you be so blind?

As they walk away, frustration dominates my every loop and I want to scream but no sound comes out.

And suddenly I’m not so beautiful.

Suddenly I have no meaning.

Suddenly nothing matters.

But I remain.

I remain to hope in my hopeless state.

I hope my beauty will one day be appreciated.

I hope one day someone will give me meaning.

Sound of Your Heart

“Just breathe. All that exists is right now.”

Closing my eyes, I am reminded, that I am me. I am alive and I am breathing. With a beat in my chest that reassures me all is well, I relax. I can hear the sound of my heart; and like a new favorite song, I play it on repeat.